Experience the Best Korean Cuisine in Denver, Colorado

The Mile High City of Denver, Colorado is a great place to explore the rich complexities of Korean cuisine. From savory and spicy to bittersweet, there are plenty of amazing restaurants to choose from. J. W.

Lee, from Mono Mono Korean Fried Chicken, has been introducing Coloradans to the flavors and dishes of his home country for the past 15 years. In Aurora alone, Denverans can find late night Korean food at ThankSool Pocha K pub, juicy meatballs at Seoul Mandoo, and cook their own meats on the Seoul K-BBQ and Hot Pot table grills. The chef and owner of Seoul Hospitality Group was born in South Korea and has a long career in the hospitality industry. We asked Lee what he would like people to know about Korean fried chicken and what to order at Mono Mono. Guests can choose from a variety of sauces to coat their poultry, such as garlic and soy, hot and spicy, soy teriyaki, or warm teriyaki glaze.

Chicken is usually served as an appetizer in a bao bun stuffed with hoisin sauce and coleslaw, as a dish of simple, crispy or sweet and sticky wings, or as a combination of thighs and fried steaks. For those who prefer portable devices, they can order the bird between two slices. Kimchi is one of Korea's best-known foods and is generally served as a spicy side dish to main courses. When Lee started opening Korean restaurants, he wanted to introduce more Korean meats to Americans. He was inspired by eating meaty nachos at a baseball game, which led him to create a basket of chips covered with kimchi covered with scallions, aioli and bulgogi.

Today, French fries with kimchi are Mono Mono's most popular snack. Rice cakes are one of Korea's most revered street foods. Lee used to eat them as a child when he returned home from school, and Mono Mono guests can enjoy the same experience with Lee's chewy rice cakes simmered in a gochujang sauce until they're steeped in sweet and savory spices. Nowadays there are twice as many fried chicken restaurants in the country as McDonald's or Subways. Not only is this another fabulous option for Korean barbecues, but you can also satisfy those stew cravings at this bustling spot in Denver. Here are eight amazing Korean restaurants in Denver that you should visit if you're a fan of these delicacies: Seoul Korean BBQ & Hot Pot; BaekGa; Moobongri Soondae; Woo Ri Korean Restaurant; Thank Sool Pocha; Paik's Noodle Aurora; Mono Mono Korean Fried Chicken; and Seoul Mandoo. Discover the best Korean restaurants in and around Denver that serve those drool-worthy dishes from Korea's historic culinary scene.

For fresh, thoughtfully prepared Korean dishes in a cozy setting, head to this Korean BBQ spot for a true Asian feast with those basic classics that will transport you to the heart of South Korea.

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