Do Any of the Korean Restaurants in Denver, Colorado Have a Drive-Thru Window?

Denver, Colorado is home to some of the best Korean restaurants in the country. From Dae Gee to bb.q Chicken, these eateries have been featured on the Food Network's hit show Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives and have become increasingly popular due to the presence of national chains such as bb.q Chicken and Bonchon. At bb.q Chicken, customers can enjoy their delicious Korean fried chicken with either a spicy or sweet sauce. The restaurant also features K-pop music videos on its televisions and phone charging stations on each table.

Meanwhile, Chauncy's Kitchen serves fish tacos, beef, chicken and vegetarian fufu from 6 pm to 2 am. Dok has combined his experience in banking and investment with his love for delicious Korean food to introduce more communities to an innovative version of Korean barbecue. Cupbop is America's first quick and informal Korean barbecue concept and has 42 locations in the United States. Other recent Korean fried chicken openings include WingWok in Centennial and the fourth Mono Mono branch in Belmar, Lakewood. Park designed the interior of his restaurant with a robot that uses a LIDAR sensor like those found in autonomous vehicles. So, do any of these restaurants have a drive-thru window? Unfortunately, none of them have a drive-thru window as of now.

However, they all offer takeout services for customers who want to enjoy their delicious dishes from home.

Holly Cafourek
Holly Cafourek

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