Vegan Options for Large Groups at Korean Restaurants in Denver

Are you looking for vegan options to feed a large group or host an event at a Korean restaurant in Denver, Colorado? Look no further! Denver is home to a wide variety of Korean restaurants that offer delicious vegan options for large groups or events. From savory and spicy to bittersweet, dive into the rich complexities of Korean cuisine at these must-see Denver restaurants. Vital Root is a fully vegetarian restaurant that has extensive vegan options, and most of the menu is completely plant-based. This fast-casual spot focuses on sustainably sourced ingredients prepared in affordable dishes.

For fresh, thoughtfully prepared Korean dishes in a cozy setting, head to this Korean BBQ joint for a true Asian feast with those classic dishes that will transport you to the heart of South Korea. The restaurant is part of the Edible Beats brand, which consists of Linger, Root Down, The Five and Ophelia's in Denver. This charming addition to Denver's growing list of Korean restaurants serves some of the best meatballs in the city. Not only is this another fabulous option for Korean barbecues, but you can also satisfy those stew cravings at this bustling spot in Denver. This place has been featured in 5280 and Conde Nast Traveler, where it is described as an exceptional vegan restaurant with refined cuisine and a modern atmosphere. Discover the best Korean restaurants in and around Denver, serving those drool-worthy dishes from Korea's historic culinary scene.

Here are eight amazing Korean restaurants in Denver that you should visit, especially if you're a deep-seated enthusiast of these delicacies and dishes. With 26% of their menu being barbecue meals, you can be sure to find something to satisfy your vegan needs.

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