Exploring the Best Korean Dishes in Denver, Colorado

Denver, Colorado is a city that offers a unique combination of sophisticated lifestyle and adventurous outdoor activities. It is also home to thriving craft breweries, red-hot music, and delicious Korean restaurants. With more emphasis on vegetables, meats and simple cooking without much oil, Korean food is one of the healthiest and most appreciated in the world. The obsession with its fermented vegetable garnish, “kimchi”, is palpable, since it is the healthiest food that exists.

If you're looking for the best Korean dishes in Denver, here are some of the top restaurants to check out.

Dae Gee Korean Barbecue

is the place to go for an unlimited Korean BBQ feast. Dae Gee in Korean means pork; therefore, it is not only famous for its delicious pork dishes, but also for beef, fish and chicken. The menu offers unlimited barbecues, lunches and dinners at a nominal price. It also has unique icons to warn about gluten and spicy ingredients, among others.

If you pay an additional fee, you can enjoy a delicious Galbee along with an unlimited barbecue feast. They also have plenty of a la carte options, such as veal, ribs, galbee, and more.


is famous for its exquisite special sauce which dates back to 2002. Their signature double-fried chicken is a local favorite with its crispy outside and juicy inside. Korean-American combination dishes are favorites and, therefore, appreciated and consumed over the past few years. One of its exclusive combinations includes fried rice with 12 wings, 6 drums and 2 side dishes.

Bonchon has opened other branches in Jacksonville and elsewhere.

Säm Korean BBQ

in Denver near the Money Museum and the Federal Reserve Bank serves some of the best Korean food around. Special combination offers to serve up to three, four and five people are the most in demand; all of them include unique and delicious dishes. Dishes such as chicken and veal bulgogi, veal breast, pork served with presto, tofu stew and more mean that anyone doesn't mind spreading out the extra money.

Seoul BBQ & Hot Pot

in Aurora serves food that speaks to the soul. With a wide range of more than 80 delicious dishes to choose from, customers will have a wide variety of products that they will love.

Meat combinations consisting of three to six types of cuts will make any family or group of friends happy. Here healthy lunches and dinners and exclusive options for children are offered. There is also a special dining room and Korean alcoholic beverages available for private meetings.

Sokongdong Tofu House 1962

, a global chain of Korean restaurants has been famous for its soft tofu stews for more than half a century. The hot bubbling soup with oysters and clams in crock pots served alongside purple rice and fried fish is the reason people keep coming back for more.

Vegetarians prefer it not only because of its diverse fresh vegetables but also because of its different amazing dishes.


is the perfect way to try the types of sandwiches found on almost every street corner in the Korean capital. With no barbecue in sight and with a simple straightforward menu this bustling spot in Denver will satisfy those stew cravings.

Kim BBQ Korean Restaurant

is also famous for its delicious duck bulgogi with its rich melt-in-your-mouth flavor.

Thompson Denver

combines the ambience of a chalet in a mountain city with mid-century modern details making it a hot spot for Denverans and travelers alike.

Silla Restaurant

serves some of the most sought after Korean dishes in Colorado. Cold buckwheat noodles spicy meat broth with crunchy vegetables and the famous side dish kimchi are some of the many delicious Korean dishes that make Silla Restaurant one of the most sought after Korean restaurants in Colorado.

Kim Korean BBQ Restaurant

captivates locals to return time and time again to enjoy its delicious dishes. Discovering Denver's Best: Exploring Delicious Korean Dishes Denver's vibrant culture offers something for everyone - from outdoor activities to craft breweries - but one thing that stands out is its amazing selection of Korean restaurants.

With an emphasis on vegetables, meats cooked without much oil, and fermented vegetable garnishes like kimchi - one of the healthiest foods around - it's no wonder why so many people love this cuisine! If you're looking for some of Denver's best Korean dishes, here are some top restaurants you won't want to miss out on. At Dae Gee Korean Barbecue, you can enjoy an unlimited feast featuring pork dishes as well as beef, fish, chicken - plus plenty of a la carte options like veal ribs or galbee! Plus they have unique icons warning about gluten or spicy ingredients so you can make sure you get exactly what you're looking for. For something truly special try Bonchon, where their signature double-fried chicken has been delighting locals since 2002! Their exclusive combinations include fried rice with 12 wings, 6 drums and 2 side dishes - plus they have branches in Jacksonville too! If you're looking for something truly special try Säm Korean BBQ, located near Denver's Money Museum and Federal Reserve Bank! They offer combination offers serving up to three, four or five people - plus they have unique dishes like chicken or veal bulgogi or pork served with presto! At Seoul BBQ & Hot Pot, you can choose from over 80 delicious dishes - plus they offer meat combinations featuring three to six types of cuts! They also have healthy lunches/dinners plus exclusive options for children - plus there's even a special dining room with Korean alcoholic beverages available! For something truly unique try Sokongdong Tofu House 1962, which has been famous for its soft tofu stews for over half a century! Their hot bubbling soup with oysters/clams served alongside purple rice/fried fish will make your mouth water! Plus vegetarians will love their diverse fresh vegetables plus amazing dishes! If you're looking for sandwiches like those found on every street corner in Korea then Olleh is your spot! With no barbecue in sight but plenty of stew cravings satisfied - this bustling spot won't disappoint! Finally don't forget about Kim BBQ Korean Restaurant, which is famous for their delicious duck bulgogi with its rich melt-in-your-mouth flavor! Plus there's Thompson Denver, which combines chalet ambience with mid-century modern details - plus Silla Restaurant, which serves some of Colorado's most sought after Korean dishes like cold buckwheat noodles or spicy meat broth with crunchy vegetables/kimchi! Discovering Denver's best doesn't stop at these amazing restaurants - dive into Korea's historic culinary scene by exploring these must-see spots today!.

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